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  • Stallion Management Stallion management is key in ensuring a successful breeding season. We strive to make our stallions the most comfortable they can be while they stay with us. Studs standing at CVC will be housed in a 18x22 stall at night and have ample turn out time during the day. We are able to accommodate special feed rations to maintain a healthy weight and body condition during their stay. Stallions living here are put on CVC's deworming, vaccination and hoof care program throughout the year. Some owners prefer to keep their stallion at home and haul in for day collections, which works well once he is properly trained.
  • Behavioral Problems Dr. Cobb and the CVC staff have years of experience handling stallions who have had little reproductive training. We can work with your stallion that is having problems in the breeding shed such as: low libido, failure to mount or ejaculate, aggression towards the mare or his handler along with other issues.
  • A/V Phantom Training Each stallion brought to CVC is taught to mount our Phantom and be collected into an Artificial Vagina (A-V). We work with many stallions, young and old each year that need to be trained to a breeding phantom. This not only ensures the safety of the stallion, by not having to mount a mare, but also reduces the chance of the people involved in the procedure getting injured. There is also a reduction in the risk of disease transmission by not allowing live cover. A tease mare is lead in and placed inside of our tease rail where they can show interest in one another, yet he cannot mount her. When the stallion is ready, he is backed away from both mare and the phantom and is instructed to stand and allow for his penis to be washed for each collection. Then, he is lead back to the mare where he again will get ready. When all is set he is lead up to the breeding phantom, allowed to mount and is collected in the A-V. For each breeding session, the stallion is expected to respect his handler and others around; however, he is allowed to show stallion characteristics.
  • Stallion Breeding Soundness Evaluations At CVC, we have the capability to evaluate stallions for breeding soundness by examining the reproductive tract, testicles, penis and accessory sex glands along with their semen. Each ejaculate is examined for volume, color, concentration of sperm, sperm motility and morphology; records are kept on stallion behavior as well. Stallions are evaluated for overall soundness in addition to breeding soundness.
  • Shipping Semen Cooled, shipped semen can be used to offer your stallion to a much larger population of potential mares all across the country; mares no longer have to be hauled to the stallion's location. We will coordinate with the mare owner/agent or veterinarian to ship the semen when the mare is ready.  We will collect and package your stallion's semen for shipment to the mare wherever she is.



  • Mare Care We see quality mare care as a necessity at CVC. Mares staying with us for breeding work come into their own stall in the evening and then are turned out into large paddocks during the day (weather permitting). We have ample space for single mares as well as mares with foals. With our feeding regimen it is simple for us to accommodate certain diets for each mare that stays with us.
  • Mare Reproductive Soundness Examinations  Each mare that comes to CVC for breeding work will receive a reproductive soundness exam upon arrival by means of palpation and ultrasound. In addition, we look at the mare's overall health and soundness as they are crucial to reproductive soundness. If further diagnostics are deemed as necessary, the veterinarian may suggest procedures such as: vaginal exam, uterine culture, cytology and perhaps biopsy. We send all cultures, cytologies and biopsies off to a diagnostic lab for evaluation.
  • Problem Mare Diagnostics & Therapies First we start with a detailed history or prior problems and therapies the mare has had. Then, as with our reproductive soundness examinations, we perform many of the same diagnostic procedures on a problem mare, although it may be more extensive. Then, with the information collected we can better formulate a treatment plan to increase the chances of getting that particular mare in foal. Routine therapies that we practice include: pre and post-breeding uterine lavage, intra-uterine infusion of antibiotics, hormone assays, routine caslicks surgery and deep uterine horn insemination.
  • Artificial Insemination with Shipped Semen Timing is critical when artificial inseminating mares with shipped semen. At CVC, when breeding with shipped semen, we monitor the estrous cycle very closely to allow breeding near ovulation, ideally only breeding a single time to keeping shipping costs down for the mare owner. Once a mare is in heat we use ultrasound and teasing daily to monitor a mare's estrous cycle.
  • Artificial Lighting Program Mares that are to be bred early in the year should be in an artificial lighting program to help ensure they will cycle earlier than normal. Mares need 16 hours of light per day for 60-90 days to induce fertile cycles. If you are interested in setting up an artificial lighting program at your farm, allow us to answer any questions you may have.



  • Foal Services At CVC, we have a well equipped facility, experienced and knowledgeable staff to properly take care of and treat sick foals. Our clinic is set up so we are able to run fluids, plasma and nurse the recumbent foal. We have a wide range of services that we offer not only to an unhealthy foal, but also to newborns. Some owners like to have their new foals looked over and checked out by a veterinarian in their first few days of life. We recommend an IgG test at 16-24 hrs to check for failure of passive transfer; this may prevent a series of health problems from occurring. We will also check for congenital and conformation defects; as some can be corrected if treated early or others which may require surgery.

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Cobb Veterinary Clinic, P.C.
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